Beijing, here I am…

by smartini on July 22, 2008

Hi mom, Hi dad,

Wow, this is amazing. I was all nervous about coming to this place and with this company. But holy adventure! And I am thrilled to have taken the position with Jet Set Sports. Their organization and scope is just incredible! Just to give you an idea, they are servicing 150,000 pax, with 1,500 staff and 250 program managers (that’s what I am). The local hosts and drivers that they hired have been in training for a YEAR!!! And the company itself seems like they are really too notch too! Obviously the know their Olympic stuff, but ethically too. They are paying and treating all the locals really well and are even sponsoring a group of children affected by the recent natural disasters here to come to the games for free!

So, I have to say, it feels really good to have accepted this role!
And let’s see what else.. I ran into 3 other carlson folks who are doing jet set so far! Plus have already met some new friends. We’ll all be training together as a group for the next 2 weeks till the games begin, than its on our own.

Traffic sucks and so does jet lag, and clearly no one outside of the hospitality industry speaks any English, but what the heck, I am gonna have a great time I think!! And holy cow, what a resume builder!

There is a Walmart walkable from the hotel, so I’ll go over there tonight to track down a blender.   Imagine – a Walmart in China.  But, geeze, it will be good to be able to get my protein and greens in.  Cause god knows, the food looks like it will be an adventure.

It looks like I’ll be working primarily from my hotel room once the training period is over (well, and at the games themselves) so I get to expense internet. Which means we can be in touch.

Ciao for now!

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