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by smartini on July 29, 2008

Well, its definitely been busy, but I’m having fun too. We met our local staff yesterday finally and are now in full swing with training them on the specifics of the program that we are doing for GE. Believe it or not, they have been in a Hospitality Academy that Jet Set Sports put together for a year already in preparation for the Games!! Holy cow, huh?!?!? The Chinese culture is so different that it was necessary to indoctrinate them a bit in the western culture before having them interact and support our clients. Different how, you might ask…it’s a communist country, they are taught to memorize and do exactly what they are told. It is about as ‘inside the box’ as you could possibly imagine! So, the training academy was not only on the Olympics themselves, but also on how to think creatively and problem solve!! Anyway, they are the sweetest and friendliest and most eager staff ever! If they can think on their feet, they will be fantastic to have as employees!

But here’s a funny little story…because Chinese names sound so foreign to our western ears, they customarily choose English names when learning English. Well, depending on the age they chose their names, there can be some interesting choices. We have both ‘Drinking’ and ‘Jellyfish’ on our team!! too funny. So, of course in our introductions, we had to ask why they chose those names. Drinking chose his because it sounds a bit phonetically like his Chinese name. Jellyfish chose his because his 2 favorite foods were Jelly and Fish! Hilarious.

And the pollution. yes, it is just as bad as you can imagine. We have been meeting in the boardroom of GE headquarters, on the 23rd floor. Yesterday it was so bad, we could barely see the neighboring building. It may as well be a thick San Fransisco fog. And have you heard of the cloud seeding? Well, a GE Scientist developed the technology to make it rain to help clear the pollution. At first I thought this must be urban legend. But low and behold. today it rained, and then we could see a few blocks!! What a difference. Seriously it is like I’m in a sci-fi novel.

And yes, I am having fun too. one of my colleagues at the hotel I’m staying is a personal trainer (from Greece, really nice guy) and though I’ve been working long hours, a couple of us have been meeting him in the gym every night to get our butts whipped! So, it has been great to have that to look forward to and make me feel great! We’ve also found lots of cool clubs and restaurants to go to.. a girl has to eat, right? So far, I’ve even managed to get 6 hours of sleep a night. But we’ll see if that continues.

OK, I have to run now!! More stories to come!

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