Opening Ceremony Almost Here!

by smartini on August 6, 2008

Hi Hi HI HI!!!

Yes–Opening Ceremony is tomorrow! Can’t wait, but also have so much to do, and feeling a little like I have no idea what to expect!

Feel free to look for me in the GE Sponsored section of the stands if they ever show the audience. But I doubt, with 10,000 people in the audience, you would see me.

I am making a list of stories to write when I get a minute for the blog and for you guys. I think in a couple days, once we get a rhythm going, I should have a little more time. I hope so!

I’m not getting too tired yet. But we’ll see how I feel after long days walking in the sun all day! (right now they are just long office days..)

Love you guys, sorry I can’t write more. I want to!

lots of love,

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