London 2012: I’m surviving.

by smartini on August 8, 2012

Being somewhat overwhelmed with workload, I don’t have much time to blog, this time around.  So here is an email that gives just a little slice of  my London Games.

Hiya mom,
I’m surviving, I’m surviving.
One day at a time indeed.

Each day at this Olympic Games  is like 3 full ones:
— Prep for the day (getting all the materials ready for the staff starting at 6am)
— Executing the day (getting the staff/group out the door on schedule and knowing what they are doing)
— Writing the schedule for the next day

We have had a rotating Jet Set crew, 4 new staff have been added – all on different days, we had to let one go and one almost walked off the job. So what started as scheduling 20 and managing 10 is now more like scheduling 30 and closely managing 14.. All the orienting and training along the way, repeating it with each new staff instead of just doing it once with the whole gang – has been a challenge. And lots of other new responsibilities added along the way since I’m one of the only ones planted in the office (the ‘war room’  is what we call it) 24-7.

But yesterday went really smoothly finally – The client brought in a masseuse for chair massages – which I actually managed to sneak away for AND grab a 45 minute nap! Even finished by 8:30 pm in time to shower, wash my hair – get all dolled up and go to a lovely dinner out . I felt like a normal human being for the first time since the games began. It was awesome.

My body is holding up pretty well. At least there is plenty of healthy food available all the time in Hospo suite, so I’m getting good nourishment. I haven’t had time to exercise a single time since I started working – so the wear and tear is purely from the mental workout and lack of sleep. And it is interesting to note that I am beginning to experience some of the same symptoms I did earlier this summer during the bike ride from San Francisco to LA – definitely have some brain fog and my vision is a little shaky and the edema seems to be coming back too. But clearly its not a matter of only physically pushing my body (in an athletic way) but more of an adrenaline/endurance issue overall. My time sheet for the last 2 weeks was 119 and 123 hours respectively. Wowsa, so no wonder – it is a lot. The minerals and enzymes that I have been taking sure have helped me though, I’m quite sure – everyone else has gotten sick, and I haven’t. Yay.

Having said that – I sure do enjoy this work – really love every minute of it all — just need to find a way to do it in a balanced way where I can take care of myself and have a life along the way. I am making some really good connections here and wonder what it could lead to. Nothing concrete to report at this moment. But sure hope I have a way forward for when I fly home on the 20th!

I have only been to one event (Beach volleyball) – that was the photo you saw on facebook. And that’s totally fine with me – I really care more about the program running smoothly and getting some sleep than watching actual events! It was during that event though, with all the fans having so much fin – that I realized I could shift my games experience starting then – just because I HAVE been working 18 hour days and totally stressed out doesn’t mean it HAS to be that way the rest of the games! At that moment I intended to have an easy, fun games… Then I had the GREAT day yesterday. So – I’m continuing with that intention!!

Today is turn day (departures of one wave and arrivals of another) and it is the last wave – all the top top execs from Hilton – the pressure is in for it to go flawlessly.
Gotta run – its 4:30pm – better start looking at the schedule for tomorrow so I can let those starting at 5:30am know before midnight tonight – ha!!

Anyway – can’t believe I actually had 10 minutes to jot my thoughts down! Now back to work!!

Love and hugs,

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Saurav December 25, 2012 at 12:39 pm

I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it extrmeley easy for me!


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