A day on the town, an evening in the forest

by smartini on October 15, 2012

This is how you make it look like sunset in the forest.

Tobie & Megan. Beautiful tree pose, beautiful ladies, in beautiful trees.

The population of Bulgaria is seven million. One and a half million of them are in this city called Sofia.

They have given us the day off shooting and Niko, one of the AD’s, is taking us on a tour of the city. 11 of us huddled into an 8 passenger van, we make our way through a city of post-industrial, aging, graffiti-scarred buildings. So far it is pretty much what I expected. But, if I have discovered anything from my travels, it’s that every expectation can be met–or I can be surprised at every corner.

So, I open my mind and heart, and wait…

…well, that was interesting. A bit like herding cats.

We lost two yogis.

No one mentionned that the van wasn’t staying with us, so I was without my bag–meaning no wallet or ID with me the entire day. Good thing I wasn’t one if the two that got separated from the group!  ’twas a nuisance indeed to not have money for food or shopping in the street market, but it would have been a bit more of a real challenge to find my way back to the hotel without any money!  Had I known my skills as travel & event planner (aka cat-herder) would have been so useful, I would have volunteered at the beginning of the day to help manage the group, but by the time I realized we were just a bunch of wandering yogis in a second-world city, it was a little late to take charge…and I didn’t want to be that bossy girl overstepping my bounds.

I was a little surprised when, on the rainy ride back to the studios from downtown Sofia, the announcement was made that we would shoot the forest scene this afternoon after all.  With an anticipated break in the showers, the afternoon light would be beautiful on the glistening fallen leaves and white birch tree trunks.  oooookie dokie – let’s hope that ankle hold up and the ground isn’t too unstable.

Well, the forest shoot, entitled ‘Mountain Warrior’ turned out to be pretty awesome.  Because it was slippery, muddy and on a hillside, with rocks and tree branches underfoot, Rudy made it a fairly simple practice and my ankle was just fine!

..oh yeah – our lost yogis? Never fear, they made it back to the studio just fine, when they crossed the street from the church (our first stop) to get a soda and returned 5 minutes later, we had all gone.  Headcounts people.  Headcounts are a beautiful thing.  Had only I known I should have brought my clicker!!

Yep, that’s pretty much Sofia.

Wonder how this will go!

dirty soles + solid ankle = happy yogi

Can’t wait to see how this turned out!



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K October 24, 2012 at 5:45 pm

That forest looks beautiful out there & what would a visit to a foreign land be without a McDonald’s sighting


Rodrigo December 24, 2012 at 2:24 am

Sofia Isabella is just too beautiful for words but the ptuicres capture it! My favorite is the one with the pink & pearl bow. She looks like she is smiling to herself with some wonderful secret all bundled up so cozy!


Wuendy December 25, 2012 at 4:15 pm

Great article, thank you again for wrinitg.


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