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Finding my happy

July 31, 2013

I think I’m a pretty darn happy person. In fact, I’d like to say that there may be a photo of me when you look up ‘happy-go-lucky’. So, it strikes me as so odd when, from time to time, it has happened that I’ll be walking down the street and a random stranger will tell […]

On the Road Again

May 2, 2013

Travel is in my blood. I love it, and in most ways it loves me. But keeping any kind of fitness routine on track while I’m on the road can be a challenge. I have a multi-faceted career, and a big part of what I do is travel and event planning, so I end up […]

Alignment in a Crowd

April 20, 2013

Today, I again find a seed of truth from my yoga practice that parallels and illustrates a principal I’m working on in my personal evolution & journey. In a good class, there may be 75-100 people I’m practicing alongside. As with any group consciousness, the momentum and energy of that dynamic is powerful. I’ll be […]

Loosey-Goosey learns a lesson

January 18, 2013

I had thought that using props for yoga was for the old or the inflexible. That if you needed to use a block or a strap or a bolster, it surely meant you weren’t as ‘good’, that you were a beginner. Then I had the fortune to spend a little time Jules Mitchell. Jules is […]

The cat who loved me.

December 5, 2012

I’m not a cat person.  In fact, I would’ve said I pride myself in being a dog person.  Heaven forbid I should turn into ‘the cat lady’.  But then there was Mia.  A little spark of unconditional love that wedged my heart open one purring nuzzle at a time. I met Mia when she was […]

Let there be faith…it IS all completely different.

November 11, 2012

Well, its been two weeks.  (see my last post: and holy cow.  I mean, I was waiting in watchful anticipation for what the universe would present me in the 14 days from that surreal moment when the shopkeeper at a random shoe store in Athens briefly transported me to another dimension, and here we are. That evening, […]

And then, there was Rosemary.

October 24, 2012

I am beginning to explore this place I will call home for the next few weeks. Back home, in Los Angeles, I tend to keep myself rather busy.  In recent years, I have managed to align myself with jobs and clients that have kept me working 50-60 hours per week, traveling constantly, or on-call 24-7. […]

‘Happiness is an Inside Job’

October 17, 2012

We have officially wrapped for Yoga Warrior 365–a day earlier than I anticipated so I was honored to be asked to participate in one of the other projects being filmed here at the lovely Nu Boyana studios in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a series called ‘Harvesting Happiness from the Inside Out’ with Lisa Kamen. I just love […]

Wrapping it up on Set

October 16, 2012

Today was officially the last day if shooting for Yoga Warrior 365.  It was a long one!  I loved doing the 2 bonus 30 minute classes. One with Hilary and the other with Jeff Decker.   They were so quick, but I just cannot wait to see them.  Because they were designed as 30 minutes classes, we had to […]

A day on the town, an evening in the forest

October 15, 2012

The population of Bulgaria is seven million. One and a half million of them are in this city called Sofia. They have given us the day off shooting and Niko, one of the AD’s, is taking us on a tour of the city. 11 of us huddled into an 8 passenger van, we make our […]